Plan Management (7 steps)

Step 1:

In the Strategy application, select Plan Settings in the top navigation bar.

Step 2:

On the Plan Settings page, a plan can be renamed using the Plan Name text box. 

Step 3:

A start and end date can be designated for a plan.

Step 4:

Plan champion can be modified using the Overall Plan Champion select box. To designate a member as the overall plan champion, select in the overall plan champion box for a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate person from the list of team members.

Select Save to update this information.

Step 5:

You can create a blank plan from the Plan Settings page. 

Step 6:

To clone a plan, find the plan you wish to clone and click the Clone Plan link.  

Name the plan in the Clone Plan window and then select the Clone button.

Step 7:

Inactive plans can be deleted by selecting the Delete Plan link. Please note that active plans cannot be deleted. They must be changed to inactive status before being deleted.

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